Back to the origin a tricky land awaits – one of those that can bring out the best in architecture. A rather uneven village with multilevel rooftops scraping a jagged skyline across the landscape. In the distance the impressiveness of the tower contrasting with the featureless construction on the side. As a reflective response to the elements, responsible integration is sought to answer the intrinsic issues without a break in consistency. Along three different stages takes place a formal integration, the materials disintegration and challenges are surpassed with a self-distinctive identity. Unique! The mandatory next door alignment brought the need to pull in in order to push back. With a patio the house is deferred. The territory is marked with a first scenic barrier. The entrance, intimate and reserved, becomes a special moment with limited access to those who really arrive.


  • Residencial
  • 370 m2
  • Built, 2017